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Purchase, sale, rental of quality estate in the Mediterranean and sometimes elsewhere – searching for real estate for individual or professional use – setting up and purchasing companies – Directory of Professionals – Culture and Art related information…

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Announcement of our collaboration with Ruthstroms VVS They will maintain our flats so that they are in pristine shape. Ruthstroms is a Swedish firm that mostly works in Sweden but has received high accolades and a positive reputation, leading to our relationship.

Got any questions? Check out their webpage https://www.ruthstromsvvs.se/

Mediterranean Transactions

Should not be mistaken for a simple real estate site or gate with automatic loading. This is an interactive review conducted by a team of professionals and a network of correspondents specializing in national and international transactions of high quality real estate (hotels, luxury real estate, rural properties and housing estates…) especially in the Mediterranean area, Provence, French Riviera, Languedoc-Roussillon, Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia, Andorra …

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Luxury residence – Marseilles – Provence – VIP real estate

It aims to facilitate the meetings between supply and demand with this type of asset. For this reason, with a view to homogeneity, quality and selection, our staff, itself, undertakes the editing of advertisements, their translation, their on-line distribution, the download of their pictures and videos, and offers a permanent, customized service of advice by electronic mail, telephone and any other way of communication. Don’t hesitate to use our review’s interactivity, its international impact and its distribution in three languages to your advantage: Use it to present a personal or professional project, search for real estate, study how to set up your company, meet partners in another marketplace, interest investors in your project, come into contact with other professionals, members of this guide

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To sell hotels, to buy hotels in the south of France, Hotels Languedoc-Roussillon, Hotels Provence, Hotels French Riviera, Hotels Dordogne, Hotels Perigord, Hotels Midi- Pyrenees, Hotels Rhone Alpes, hotels Catalonia, Hotels Valencia, Hotels in Spain, Hotels Barcelona, Hotels Murcia, Hotels in Andalusia, hotels in the Balearics Islands,

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We provide luxury and value

Medina Village Resort heralds an entirely different approach to the creation of a relaxed and stylish way of life in Spain.

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